2014 Political Endorsements

Below are the candidates who earned the endorsement of the NC Sierra Club. Our endorsement process is ongoing and more endorsements will be added later.  

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Judicial Endorsements

NC Senate Endorsements     

NC House Endorsements    

Local Race Endorsements     

Elections Information



Judicial Races



 Sam J. Ervin IVNC Supreme Court
 Robin HudsonNC Supreme Court
 Mark MartinNC Supreme Court
 Mark DavisNC Court of Appeals
 Lucy InmanNC Court of Appeals




NC Senate



 Stan White1
 Carr Ipock2
 Ernie Ward8
 Elizabeth Redenbaugh9
 Dan Blue14
 Tom Bradshaw15
 Josh Stein16
 Sarah Crawford18
 Billy Richardson19
 Mike Woodard22
 Gladys Robinson28
 Jeff Jackson37
 Terry Van Duyn49




NC House



 Garry Meiggs1
 Whit Whitley3
 Howard Hunter5
 Bobbie Richardson7
 Uriah Ward9
 Duane Hall11
 George Graham12
 Jim Nolan13
 Steve Unger16
 Jean Farmer-Buttefield24
 Michael Wray27
 Larry Hall29
 Paul Luebke30
 Mickey Michaux31
 Nathan Baskerville32
 Rosa Gill33
 Grier Martin34
 Brian Mountcastle35
 Lisa Baker36
 Yvonne Holley38
 Darren Jackson39
 Margaret Broadwell40
 Tom Murry *41
 Gale Adcock *41
 Rick Glazier45
 Charles Graham47
 Garland Pierce48
 Kim Hanchette49
 Graig Meyer50
 Robert Reives54
 Verla Insko56

Pricey Harrison


 Mary Dickinson74
 Margie Storch88
 Charles Jeter92
 Sue Counts93
 Natasha Marcus98
 Rodney Moore99
 Tricia Cotham100
 Beverly Earle101
 Becky Carney102
 John Ager115
 Brian Turner116

Chuck McGrady


 Dean Hicks118
 Joe Sam Queen119


* Dual Endorsement

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Local Races



Office Sought


Ellen FrostBoard of County Commissioners (District 2)Buncombe
David KingBoard of County CommissionersBuncombe
Brownie NewmanBoard of County Commissioners (District 1)Buncombe
Nancy WaldropBoard of County CommissionersBuncombe
Jim CrawfordBoard of County CommissionersChatham
Diana HalesBoard of County CommissionersChatham
Karen HowardBoard of County CommissionersChatham
Pat CothamBoard of County CommissionersMecklenburg
Trevor FullerBoard of County CommissionersMecklenburg
Ella ScarboroughBoard of County CommissionersMecklenburg
Patricia Spear
Board of County CommissionersNew Hanover
Rob ZappleBoard of County CommissionersNew Hanover
Barry Jacobs

Board of County Commissioners

(At Large)

Mark Marcoplos

Board of County Commissioners

(District 2)

John BurnsBoard of County CommissionersWake
Matt CalabriaBoard of County CommissionersWake
Jessica HolmesBoard of County CommissionersWake
Sig HutchinsonBoard of County CommissionersWake

Important Election Dates

For more information about elections and voting in North Carolina, click here to visit the NC Board of Elections website.