Outings Program

Sierra Club Outings were started in 1901 by Club Founder John Muir. He was convinced that the best way to persuade people to fight to save valuable wild areas was to take them into the wilderness and let them experience for themselves the beauty that needs defending.

From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina has many unique ecological systems and habitats. The North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club has a long history of protecting and preserving our state's wild spaces: the Great Smoky Mountains, the barrier islands, our ecologically diverse Piedmont and coastal plain. And our outings program has long served the dual purpose of getting folks to reconnect with the great outdoors as well as educating on environmental issues in North Carolina. We have outings for all skill sets and levels of interest. Join us on the trail.

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We typically offer a twice-yearly beginner's backpacking class, which covers map and compass navigation, proper layering, best practices on the trail, etc.

Inner City Outings

Wildlife hikes

Day hikes and easy strolls

Basecamps and Car Camps

Week-long hikes

Mountain Ascents

The North Carolina Chapter conducts outings, so join us on the trail!